We Don't Just Powdercoat Cups at D.C.'s!

Our videos for Other Powdercoated and Engraved Items

Powdercoating LS Valve Covers.  We started with an Engine Red, and Chemically Stripped them.  They were Powdercoated with Black Frost to create a Hammered Finish, and then Powdercoated with Illusion Cherry.

Horshoe Angel Video

An Angel made of Horshoes was brought to us for powdercoating in Sinbad Purple, Red, and Lollipop Blue. The angel was chromed 1st to accommodate the translucent colors, and baked 4 different times for each of the steps to achieve the colors. 

Christmas Drinkware 2017

This is a collection of some of the Custom Drinkware we made for our customers at Christmastime for 2017.